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We have payment plan options available with Afterpay.
Please make sure you advise before your appointment that this is how you would like to pay and also have the App downloaded and signed up before your appointment.
There is a 2% charge for Afterpay and credit cards used.


Face to face consultation
$30 30minutes

Ombre Brows
(Not inc touch up)

If you are unsure about the procedure and what kind of style brows will suit you, then please book in for a consultation prior. 

Charlotte does go through all of the options thoroughly the day of your appointment before she starts.

 However, if you're not 100% sure then a separate consultation is best. 

(If you book in for the procedure afterwards, you can redeem the $50 back of the total cost)

Ombre Brows are suitable for any skin type. Perfect if you have plenty of hair at the bulb of the brow but are needing/wanting a defined tail. 

These brows give a soft pixelated look at the start of the brow softly blending into a more defined and darker tail.

Powder Brows
(Not inc touch up)

Powder Brows are suitable for any skin type. Perfect if you don't have much or any hair for an eyebrow and need a full eyebrow sculpt. 

These brows give a soft powdered look once they are healed. 

Combination Brows
 (Not inc touch up)

A stunning mixture between and Ombre brow and Feather Touch hair strokes. Still creating a defined brow with the Ombre look but adding some fluffy hair strokes at the start of the eyebrow for a more natural look.

Nano Stroke Brows
 (Not inc touch up)

The most natural looking brow tattoo you can ask for. 
Creating individual hair stroke with a very small Nano needle and machine. 
This is not microblading. Same finished look but a lot less evasive on the skin and suitable for a lot more skin types.

6 week perfecting procedure
(compulsory for each procedure!)

For Brow-tiful customers only.
This procedure is your colour boost and perfecting treatment for 6 weeks after your initial brow appointment.

12 - 18 month colour boost
$350 - Powder/Ombre
 - $450 - Combination
18 - 24 month colour boost

$450 - Powder/Ombre -  $550 Combination 
Not inc 6 week perfecting procedure

This procedure is for existing Brow-tiful clients. Once your tattoo has faded or colour has changed it is time for a colour boost to keep your brows looking fresh. 

If a 6 week touch up is required this will be $150.

Out of this time bracket your appointment will be classed as a full procedure with the initial pricing.

This does not apply to customers who are returning from seeing other artists.

Tattooing over an old tattoo done by another artist.
(Not inc touch up)
*Combination brows extra $100*

Charlotte is quite happy to tattoo over old existing tattoos.

However it is essential that you inform us about your tattoo when booking in. 

Your tattoo must be approved BEFORE and pricing discussed before you turn up for your appointment. Failing to do this  will either result in you being turned away and forfeiting your deposit or an extra cost charged.

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