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Here at Brow-tiful we specialize in Beauty Therapy and   Cosmetic Tattoo by creating the perfect brow for each individual. Using two modern techniques of microblading, also known as feather touch and a machine technique which creates a soft powder effect. 

By slightly changing the shape of your brow we can instantly highlight your features, widen your eyes and boost your self confidence. 

Semi-permanent makeup lasts up to 2 - 5+ years so you can easily say goodbye to drawing on your brows each morning. 

The one regret you will have... Is that you didn't have them done sooner.


Charlotte - Your Brow & Beauty Specialist


Charlotte has been working in the Beauty Industry since 2008 and she is passionate about making other women feel confident about their looks.

Since being in the industry Charlotte has gained experience from salons all over the world which also includes working as a Beauty Therapist on the Seabourn Cruise Ship line.

One of her main interests in the Beauty industry is Eyebrows. How a small feature can be such an art for someone's facial structure  fascinates her, to the point that she can be slightly obsessed with getting even and natural looking results, and with this procedure you are sure to get those extremely realistic, long lasting and defined eyebrows.

In August 2020 Charlotte attended the 'All About Brows - Beginners Fundamental Course' at the 'Feather Touch Academy' down in Wellington. Here she trained under the supervision of NZ's number one Cosmetic Tattooist - Cherie Ayrton.

You are in safe and great hands with Charlotte. She will not carry out any procedure until you and herself are completely happy and confident with the design. She wants to love your eyebrows as much as you do and vice versa.

Curious to see her work? 

Head over to the gallery and have a look.

We can't wait to meet you and give you the confidence that you deserve.

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