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F A Qs

- Can you tattoo over old cosmetic tattoos?
Charlotte will not perform any treatment over old tattooing that has not been discussed with her prior to booking. If you turn up to your appointment with an old tattoo which has not been pre-approved, or that she can not cover, you will forfeit your deposit and be turned away.
 Please contact Charlotte with a photo of your current tattoo before booking and paying your deposit.

- Will it hurt?
Before the procedure starts, a topical anesthetic cream is applied and left on for 20 minutes. This will numb the area being treated and reduce (if any) discomfort during the procedure. Most people say that it feels no more painful than having your eyebrows waxed or that it wasn't half as painful as they thought it would be.

- How long will my make-up last for?
Semi-permanent make-up lasts between 18 months to 5+ years. This all depends on your skin type, lifestyle and sun exposure. This is why we recommend re-fresh top ups yearly - 18 months so we still have the base shape to work on.
Anything after this timeline will be needing a whole new procedure and re-mapping of the brows.

- Are there any restrictions with my new brows?
Yes, for the first  two weeks you need to be careful and look after your brows. Remember, your brows are an investment!  Please head over to the before and aftercare page to read about all the advise you need to know.

- Should I get my Eyebrows shaped prior to my treatment?
No. Charlotte will do a full brow shape before your treatment. You may remove more than what is needed otherwise.

-Can I choose any of the options for my brows?
Yes you can. However, this does not mean that this is the brow you will walk out with. Some brows aren't suited to certain skin types or lifestyles. We want to get the best and most natural looking brow results, so Charlotte will discuss all of this in your consultation and recommend what will be most suited.

-Can I have the procedure done while pregnant or nursing?
If you are pregnant you can not have the procedure. If you are nursing you will need to express and dump for 24hrs after the treatment before feeding again.

- How long will they take to settle down?
Your brows are going to appear a lot darker than your chosen colour and bigger for the first few days. Until the swelling has reduced and the pigment has healed under the skin that is when you will see the true colour. Charlotte will explain the full healing process at your consultation. 


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